If you want to go far, go together: meet the lean communicators

If you don't know the lean communicators, you should.  In fact, you shouldn't just "know" them, you should hear (and see) what they have to say. 

If you don’t know Mark Graban, you should.  Likewise Deondra Wardelle, Brian Buck, Jamie Parker, Elisabeth Swan, Tracy O’Rourke, Brion Hurley, Sam Morgan, Patrick Adams, Paul Critchley, and other lean communicators.  In fact, you shouldn’t just “know” them, you should hear (and see) what they have to say. 

To quote Mark, “Lean Communicators” is a networking / mastermind group that was organized by Mark Graban in late 2020. Mark reached out to many of his friends in the podcasting community and others who are creating compelling content via video on LinkedIn or YouTube.”

I am thrilled that the Lean for Humans podcast, “The Edges of Lean” is included in the Lean Communicators community.  And I think you’ll be thrilled to go to the Lean Communicators website leancommunicators.com and see all the great content that is linked there – and it’s updated daily


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