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Lean Leadership Consultancy

There are many wonderful lean consultants who can teach you lean tools and help you solve challenging business problems. Unfortunately, tool-focused lean implementations will give you temporary results, because you only change the process, not the thinking of the people who are at the center of your organization.

Our name is our business: we believe that the tools you use are important, but it is the people who learn and use the tools that will make your change sustainable.

We also believe that in today’s environment, creativity is absolutely required, and that skills for creativity are highly compatible with lean thinking skills.

We are dedicated to helping your organization find ways to be strategic, creative, effective, and human


W. Edwards Deming said, “Put a good person in a bad system, and the bad system wins hands down.” Bad systems don’t happen all by themselves. They are created purposefully or inadvertently by people. People who, whether they are in the C-suite or cleaning the floors, usually want to do a good job and to lead fulfilling lives.

Lean Leadership Consultancy

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Lean Thinking
Lean Thinking

Your organization is unique. For-profit, or not-for-profit? Start-up, or family-owned? Delivering products or services? Highly . . .

Creative Problem Solving
Creative problem solving

Today’s problems are complex and demand innovation. You and your team can build skills in problem-solving to drive . . .

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning

Where are you going? How will you get there? What problems will you need to solve along the way? Consulting . . .


Bella provides one-on-one coaching for organizational leaders as they navigate the challenges of change and personal development . . .

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