Imagine you are an astronaut sitting in a crew capsule on top of a huge rocket ready to launch. A fantastic adventure awaits you – and you know to survive this adventure, many aspects, from your preparation, to the engineering of the spacecraft, to the integrity of your space suit, to the weather at the launch and downrange sites must be perfect.
And yet to get to perfect a lot of failure is required, AND careful curation of the knowledge gained with each failure.

It’s a paradox, isn’t it? We know that safety and quality demand perfection.  And yet, focusing on perfection leads us to avoid failure, even when failure may be just what we need.  It is critical to get clear about when we must be perfect, and when we absolutely should not be perfect.

Lean thinking and creative problem solving create an environment where you can freely identify potential risks, design experiments to find out what leads to failure, and most importantly, LEARN from each experiment.  How comfortable you you with failure?


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