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Goldilocks & the A3: How to Get Your Problem Solving “Just Right”

By May 28, 2020 No Comments
Goldilocks and the three bears

Goldilocks is a great source for guidance on A3 problem-solving. With the goal of getting the approach “just right” it’s critical to assess the kinds of problems that require A3s.

As with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, some problems are “Papa Bear” sized, with multiple unknown factors to explore. A single A3 won’t do them justice. Other problems are like Mama Bear’s bed—too soft, with only a few knowledge gaps to be filled. These problems are relatively easy to solve so it’s not worth using an A3.

But then there are those problems that our Lean Goldilocks thinker would see as “just right” for an A3. There are dozens of factors that make a problem “right-sized” for A3 problem solving. There are an equal number of great articles on how to determine whether your problem is “right-sized,” but here is one essential factor you should pay attention to—do you need an innovative solution?
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